Customized AutomationTime to automate your Machines with customized software solutions

Our Services

Our core service is developing and implementing technology that enables mobile robots to navigate in every condition autonomously and safely.We’ll provide you with a full suite of autonomy software to seamlessly automate your fleet of mobile machines. It’s safe and simple for a fraction of the cost.
1. We partner with you to build solutions that are customized to your business
2.Our plug-n-play autonomy kit learns how to operate your machines
3.You give the tasks, and our AI finds the best route to do them
4.Our AI learns your preferences over time and updates its plans
5.Manage your mobile robots with our simple and effective Fleet Management software
6.Enjoy a human-centric and fully autonomous workplace

Why Us

We have successfully deployed our technology in several large-scale commercial settings. It is built based on state-of-the-art algorithms in robotics research powered by the University of Waterloo engineers.

No Experties Needed
1. Robots are easily trained by any user
2. Minimal integration time and effort
1. Built from scratch with people in mind
2. Robots collaboratively work with an around humans
3. Safe and reliable
Fleet Management
1. Manage your robots with an all-in-one place software
2. Real time data from robots’ status
3. Optimized scheduling for collaborative robots
4. Simple interface for learning user preferences

Our Team


Stephen Smith


Associate professor at the University of Waterloo. Consultant for robotics companies for more than a decade. Created several patents in the field of autonomous systems. The Canada Research Chair in Autonomous Systems. Director of the Autonomous Systems Laboratory at the University of Waterloo

Mahdi Fazaeli


MASc in Civil Engineering from the University of Waterloo. Mining consultant. Co-founded ZaynTeach (a non-profit educational organization for children)

Armin Sadeghi


PhD in robotics from University of Waterloo. Research scientist at Ubisoft and a multinational telecommunications company. Specialized in multi-robot navigation research

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